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Medium sized businesses charge more money (that is the letter 'M' in SMB). Aj's computer is a small business and will work with your needs whatever fulfillment is required, and when necessary wherever possible (applied to remote tech options). If our business can't help you I will offer a consultation, sometimes free, other times because of the complexity a consultation fee may be in order; either way willingness to keep you happy is of paramount importance.  

Assured Quality

Aj's Computer implements procedures so you can be assured and we can rest assured that our quality is of a high standard. We always run drills to retrain and find better, faster, and more precise ways to fix your technology problems.

There are honestly too many types of services that we can offer with the broad range of technology nowadays. Aj's Computer keeps very competitive pricing for the quality that you receive. Below there are listed prices for the typical operations we perform. *Not showing discounts and custom quotes* Visit the Contact page for a custom quote!

Tech Services

Web Services

Our business supports current legislation in North Carolina. H663 is being put through to make it into a law in North Carolina, please support this bill being passed to allow small businesses to better serve you.
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