Freedom to compute

Our business recognizes that every person, business, and large enterprise must process information quickly with security and ease.

An example scenario:
A typical business charges $90-200 for reinstalling Windows onto a new machine because you forgot your password, in addition to that you want a backup of your data off your old computer, that's another $29.99 backup charge plus now you have to buy a storage device to store it all (~$120).
My business comes to your home, using our special training and tools we reset your user password in 10 minutes. We charge $40 for our 1 hour minimum; however, if you need anything else while there we are more than happy to help! And the customer informs us that they are a student, senior citizen and veteran (must provide documentation) so we issue a 75% discount on all services after the $40 minimum. So we stay an additional hour and help install some software and provide help with their social media page and charge $10 for the additional hour. The customer lived 3.7 miles away from our departure location and it had taken 5 minutes to drive there. We charged 50¢ per mile ($1.85) & $10/hr. @ 5 min. for travel time (84¢) , that makes the travel cost $2.69 + service cost $50; finally calculate the tax for your location (Ex: High Point, 6.75%, Thomasville 7%). For this example the taxable amount is $52.69 for a grand total of: $56.25 OUR PRICE!
vs. competitor: ~$239.99 ;plus the following flaws: you have to drop off the computer, this doesn't include taxes, you now have to deal with the cookie-cutter work performed.

DISCLAIMER: Having worked at several mainstream computer repair service companies this is based off my experience with their pricing.